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Makeup FAQ's

Knowledge is a treasure, but the practice is the key. We at Subzcanvas are determined to make you eat, drink, and breathe as an artist. Polishing your presentation skills, research techniques are as vital as your inherent talent and through our academy we want you to own your career like its nobody else’s business.
We would love to meet you and to give you a tour of what we like to call the ONE STOP OF CREATING A CANVAS.
Get in touch and schedule your visit. Life is not perfect but your make up can be. If you resonate with this, at SUBZCANVAS you are already one step closer to your dream.
If make-up seems like your lifeline and you would love to get into a profession that never goes out of business, or you want an added skill for a part-time income, it’s definitely for you! Independence, suiting your lifestyle to your career or vice versa, immense satisfaction if these are terms that excite you, dive right in.
We take great pride in knowing that the majority of our alumni are successfully part of the make-up industry be it at a salon, freelancing or with professional labels and teams. The options are immense ranging from commercials to films to photo-shoots to events to plays. We also share contact details of our groups and members where job opportunities are posted.
You can personally come into our academy Mon-Sat to enroll or call +91 73488-98558. You can even book a course in the comfort of your home online. If you would like any more details you can simply drop us an email or call us at +91 73488-98558 and we will get back to you.
You can pay by cheque, debit or credit card or cash at our office. You can also pay online on our website. In case you have any concerns feel free to contact us and we will help you out.
Master courses require a 25% deposit for booking your seat followed by full payment for confirmation at least 10 days before the start date. Failure to make the complete payment will lead to loss of funds and the seat will be given to the next candidate in the waiting list.
Accommodations are not provided but you can get in touch with the current batches or alumni for more information. If required, we also provide contact details for a few PGs in the vicinity.
At Subzcanvas, the sky is the limit. If you have the determination, we will take you to success. Your prior experience although helpful is not a deal-breaker and we promise you will leave Subzcanvas feeling like a PRO.
You are more than welcome to see how you are going to be spending the next few weeks and get acquainted with the environment and understand the working style of our professionals. Get in touch with us to arrange a suitable date and time.
This is totally up to you and how hard you work during and after your training. Subzcanvas does not guarantee anyone definite work.
Not at all, you will be fully prepared and supported through every step of the course to ensure you are ready.
You will find all information regarding payment plans on the bottom of each course page.
We will do all we can to support what you have missed; we have a very strong outside course support structure.
That is fine you may be able to go straight on to a more advanced level course on completion of a makeup trial.
I can honestly say I have seen so many students come to the academy with the same issue and leave with the confidence to go out there and do what they love.
Only on assessment days and you will be given plenty of notice.
We use a variety of brands mixing high end with high street advising you on all the best buys to help build your kit.
You do not start to make payments until your course starts.
Just click the “pay now” button at the bottom of your course page.
We accept all major credit cards and we use secure payment gateway which is 100% safe and secure.
Depend on basic or advanced level programs
Applicant above 16 years of age
- Selection is based on personal interview only.
Applicants may apply for any or multiple admission cycle simultaneously by applying separately by filling a fresh application form for each cycle.
Result & Admission letter will be available on Subzcanvas website. The soft copy is uploaded on the website and is also mailed on the student’s registered E mail ID.
Partial payment is not accepted.
Our Advisors will be happy to guide you on the courses, which would be relevant and suited for you. Please visit any of our centres and contact our counselling Team ( +91 73488-98558 ) There is a live chat option available on the website between Monday to Friday – 900 -1800 hrs.
Duly filled application for withdrawal from the program has to be submitted online and our Student Development Service team will get in touch with you. No other mode of request would be considered.
If a successful candidate does not join and applies for refund, the fees deposited by the student shall be refunded after deductions as per Subzcanvas Academy’s Refund Policy. NOTE - Application fee is non-refundable.
Same as the Indian Nationality Students.
No, Subzcanvas Academy does not provide hostel facilities for students however. SUBZCANVAS is acting as a facilitator to enable students to obtain hostel accommodation.
All industry placements, including industry internships, are handled through a centralized Career Services Department.


We offer a wide range of creative and production agency services and would best describe ourselves as full-service web content creators. We are a one-stop-shop for all creative needs. We have the experience, and capacity to facilitate most creative and production briefs from conception to delivery. A full comprehensive list of our core services: Ecommerce Photography • Clothing Photography • Invisible Mannequin Photography • Model Photography • Packshot Photography • Fashion apparel & Accessories Photography • Product Photography • Watches And Jewellery Photography • Editorial & Look book Photography • Advertising & Creative Photography • Catwalk Fashion Video Production • 360 Degrees Product Photography • Web Design • Ecommerce Photo Editing • High End Retouching • SEO And Marketing • Branding • Copywriting • Model Casting
We work with a range of companies throughout as well as internationally. Our client base includes companies based throughout, and we welcome enquiries from all territories and industries.
Our rates are highly competitive, and significantly lower than most creative studios or production companies offering a comparable quality of work. We have a full comprehensive price list for all our services, and rates for specific service type can be found on our website pricing menu or via our website search function. We understand the importance of having a transparent and affordable pricing structure that allows our clients to easily budget, so where possible we offer fixed flat rate pricing. This normally applies to “non creative” product photography and video production, and we offer volume-based discounts. For bespoke and creative services, we always take the time to fully understand client needs, then we advise and quote accordingly. As well as providing one fully inclusive rate, we always provide a breakdown which clearly defines project scope with split pricing.
To cancel a job or project, please let us know as soon as possible. Project specific terms are supplied, but we will normally only charge for work that has already been carried out, and where resources (such as studio time) and talent (such has Models) has been pre booked we would normally charge 50% of agreed rates providing 3 days (72hrs) notice is provided.
The process for each job or project varies depending on type of service(s). Below is the typical process (based on our most typical service type which is ecommerce photography):


  • 1. Contact us on detailing your requirements.
  • 2. Meeting and consultation (where appropriate or relevant).
  • 3. Quote and definition of specification/project scope.
  • 4. Confirmation of job/project and payment or 50% deposit payment is made.


  • 5. Studio time is allocated and talent such as models where required are confirmed with client and arranged where appropriate or relevant.
  • 6. Client drops off or sends products/garments to Subzcanvas via courier (or Subzcanvas arranges collection).
  • 7. Products/garments are organised or hung and steamed ensuring they are best presented for photography.
  • 8. Brief and client requirements are analysed, and creative review conducted as relevant.


  • 9. Photography Shoot; with lighting and camera set-up manipulated as required. Styling of products or garments is done to a high standard ensuring they are best presented.
  • 10. Quality assurance (QA) ensuring products/garments have been photographed according to predefined brief, any client notes, or preferences and to our high-quality standards.
  • 11. Colour matching process with each product or garment individually checked and matched to images for optimum colour accuracy.


  • 12. Images are retouched using specialist editing techniques by our highly skilled image editing team, as per client specification, and to a high-quality finish.
  • 13. QA ensuring images have been retouched according to client requirements and to our high-quality standards.
  • 14. Additional client specification is followed, such as file naming, folder structure, image cropping, image resizing, and processing to create output images in required file type(s).


  • 15. Final QA is conducted prior to delivery.
  • 16. Images are sent to client for review and approval via secure download link or images are uploaded onto our secure server or client's server for download (For new and non-contracted clients, watermarked images are sent where a deposit is paid and balance payment pending).
  • 17. Client approves work and balance payment is sent (where full payment is not initially paid).
  • 18. Final submission on images.
  • 19. Client pick up products/garments or arranges courier collection (or Subzcanvas arranges return).
During initial quoting phase, for most jobs email and phone conversations is sufficient and it is not necessary for clients to come in for a meeting. For bespoke, creative, and large-scale projects, it is usually ideal and appropriate to have a face to face meeting and consultation. Clients are welcomed to be present for bespoke, creative, and model shoots where they want to assist with styling and/or organising of products. We normally do not have clients present for product and ecommerce stills or “Non-Creative” shoots, as this normally slows down our workflow and process, as well as work scheduling. We normally have several shoots booked in daily and we shoot across several studio set-ups and when one shoot is complete, we continue with the next booked in shoot. When clients are present (normally only for model shoots or some creative shoots), we need to shoot at the exact time the client is present, which removes the flexibility from our day/week schedule. A higher rate may be charged where clients wish to be present for ecommerce stills or “Non-Creative” shoots, and we may at times decline this request.
We have an acceptable turnaround time, and we process and deliver 1000+ images per week. We have a structure allowing us to scale production at relatively short notice for high volume orders and contracts. Our standard turnaround time for photography is generally 3-5days (next day turnaround available for urgent orders at an additional rate). We can normally book in product/ghost mannequin photography within 1-2 days, and sometimes same day (subject to availability). Turnaround times may be extended during busy periods. Creative photography turnaround times can be longer and is dependent on brief. Turnaround times for video and website projects vary depending on specification but for video can typically be 1-2 weeks and websites 8-12 weeks. Turnaround times for other services depend on brief and specification and will be advised during the quotation and project scope defining phase.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and client satisfaction. Our briefing and consultation process ensures that these cases are extremely rare, as we take the time to understand and confirm your requirements. However, is you being unhappy with work produced we will revisit the brief and check that we are both happy with it, then we make sure problems with the work supplied are resolved.
By Law content creators always own copyright to creative work produced. Subzcanvas Studios grant usage rights to all clients and usage terms are specified and agreed during initial quotation phase depending on client requirements. Retainment of copyright allows us to protect ourselves from plagiarism, unauthorised modifications, modifications, or usage that is beyond agreed project or job scope.
Subzcanvas Studios always reserves the right to use work produced within our web or print portfolio, however commercial clients can request for work produced for them not to be used by Subzcanvas Studios within our work portfolio. Images involving models, voiceovers, or other talent, will only be used where an appropriate model release form has been signed. We do not sell photographs to any third party unless agreed with clients.
Payment terms for contracted clients are flexible and are negotiated on a per client basis. This typically range between 7 days and 30 days upon invoice receipt. For non-contracted clients for photography, video production and other services, we generally require full balance or a 50% deposit to confirm jobs with balance paid on completion. Where a deposit is paid, we will send watermarked images or sample files for review purposes and only release copyright granted work once balance payment is received. Many clients prefer to make 1 full payment to confirm jobs to reduce administration and expedite delivery of work produced. For studio hire full balance or minimum 50% deposit payment is required to secure bookings. If paying a deposit, balance payment is paid on day of booking (on arrival). All payments are in advance and payment for any extras (paper backdrop usage, overtime or additional equipment hire) must be paid prior to usage.
We offer a wide range of payment options. For photography, video production and other services clients generally make payment via bank transfer but have the option to make payment with Credit/Debit card, PayPal, or cash. There is a 4% surcharge for Credit/Debit card and PayPal payments to cover transfer fees. Studio hire clients can make payment via bank transfer, Credit/Debit card (online or on the phone, PayPal, or cash as the studio. As studio hire payment amounts are generally low (compared with photography, video production and other services) we do not have a surcharge for any of the payment options for studio hire clients.


Yes, however, you must do this via an email request at least 72 hrs prior to your booking start date in order to be eligible for a rescheduling of your original date. Please review our Studio Rental Agreement for details regarding refunds. (Insert link to rental agreement)
Yes, we have full production capabilities both for photography and video needs as well as editing. Please contact us with a detailed description regarding the full needs of your production in order to receive pricing options.
Our studios have been chosen for photography, videography, and a variety of other uses by companies from India.
No use of real firearms is permitted on our premises. The use of replica firearms is prohibited without prior agreement between the production and the police (where it will be officially logged) and/or appropriate emergency service. Please note: · It is always the responsibility of the production/production company to ensure the safe custody of firearms. A licensed armorer must be present during film shoots involving firearms.
A performance license is required for all children aged between birth and 16.
We here at Subzcanvas are very pet friendly. Dogs and Cats are allowed on set only after a notice has been given by the client and approved by a Subzcanvas studio manager. Pets must be kept on leashes during the entire time they are always here and remain in the studio. Any other pets besides dogs or cats must be approved by written notice from one of our studio staff.
Subzcanvas Studio hire booking times can be changed with re-booking fees as stated below, which depend on notice time provided:
  • 7 days’ notice time provided: Rebooking fee equal to 10% of total booking fee.
  • 3 days (72 hours) notice time provided: Rebooking fee equal to 25% of total booking fee.
  • Less than 3 days (72 hours) notice time provided: Rebooking fee equal to 50% of total booking fee.
Subzcanvas Studio hire bookings can be cancelled with cancellation fees as stated below, which depend on notice time provided:
  • 7 days’ notice time provided: Cancellation fee equal to 25% of total booking fee.
  • 3 days (72 hours) notice time provided: Cancellation fee equal to 50% of total booking fee.
  • Less than 3 days (72 hours) notice time provided: Cancellation fee equal to 100% of total booking fee.
Set up and take down time needs to be considered within booking time, however clients are welcome to arrive 10 mins prior to booking time and can start setting up providing the studio available and there is not another booking or shoot directly before. If a lot more additional time is required to set up, please book the additional time. Clients are required to leave the studio tidy and as found, and ensure studio is clear and free by the end of their booking time to avoid additional overtime charge.
Studio hire comes with a range of lighting and studio equipment as standard including; 3 continuous video lights or studio flash lights with soft boxes/light modifiers, high speed wireless trigger, Use of 27” Apple iMac, subwoofer speakers, several chairs and stools, iron and iron board, and garment rail. Additional specialist equipment and cameras are available to hire at an additional rate. A full comprehensive studio inventory list can be viewed on our Equipment page.